Custom applications in the CEV space

Custom applications

The medium-duty vehicle market isn’t uniform. There is a wide range of body styles, equipment upfits and accessories, all of which are critical to the organizations and businesses who operate fleet vehicles.

At Lightning eMotors, we design with customization in mind. Our customers specify a wide range of equipment, such as refrigerators, cargo lifts, food truck equipment or ambulance systems. Our engineers look at every requirement, assessing the compatibility, power budget, component placement and safety. This provides reliable, effective zero-emissions vehicles which meet our customers’ operational requirements.

Lightning designates selected equipment upfitters as Lightning Certified Partners so you know that the vehicles will be fully supported from bow to stern.


Hardware/Software Development Kits

Lightning has developed hardware and software development kits which allow equipment integrators to interface with our electric powertrain. Using these kits enables electrically-powered equipment and accessories to be safely connected to the power provided by the battery packs.

Examples of Custom Applications



For non-emergency services, such as transporting patients between hospitals, electric ambulances represent a great way for hospital systems to fulfill their sustainability goals. Ambulances like this require guaranteed electrical supply for medical and other systems, which integrate smoothly with Lightning’s energy management.

ADA shuttles

ADA shuttle

Adding ADA-compliant wheelchair lifts and accessible door types to electric shuttle buses requires robust integration to ensure that everything works faultlessly, right down to the interlocks. Lightning works with partner providers to offer ADA lifts and doors to shuttles based on the Transit 350HD, E-450 and F-550 platforms.

Work trucks
Work truck

The term “work truck” covers a multitude of vehicle types and roles, from light pickups to task-focused class 8 vehicles. Lightning addresses the medium-duty space by enabling equipment and body-type integrations onto a range of base platforms.

School buses

School bus

With air quality concerns rising in most urban areas worldwide, zero-emission school buses are an obvious way to reduce the respiratory health risk to students and drivers. With prescribed routes and mid-day charging opportunities, battery-electric school buses are appearing in many education districts.